A trend of increasing traffic to my site from mobile

​ This site has never been optimised for mobile. There hasn’t been a need. However, 15% of traffic is now from mobile devices, compared with just 2% in 2016.

Using the fantastic Google PageSpeed Insights, it can be seen where the site has potential for improvement. A score of 48 out of 100 is just awful for mobile. ​

Google Page Speed Insights Before Removing Disqus on Mobile

​ Even on desktop, there is an opportunity to improve from a score of 93. ​

Google Page Speed Insights Before Removing Disqus on Desktop

Why I decided to remove Disqus comments system from my site?

​ I have been using Disqus on this site since 2015. It is a great tool to add comments capability to a static site, such as this. Analysing the potential opportunities, it can be seen that Disqus is the worst offender at impacting load performance.

Disqus Impacting Load Performance

​ There are options to potentially improve the performance whilst keeping Disqus. This site shows how use lazy-loading of the Disqus scripts: How to Prevent Disqus Comments System from Slowing Page Speed & Performance. ​

I have had some good feedback through Disqus from users of this site, but I don’t want to change the default Disqus script behaviour and I definitely don’t want to compromose the user experience from mobile devices. ​

What Improvement Was Achieved by Removing Disqus from the Static Site?

​ As you can see, after removing the Disqus comments script from the site, the mobile performance is now 95 out of 100. That’s an improvement of almost 50!

Google Page Speed Insights After Removing Disqus on Mobile

​ Crucially, the Disqus script is no longer impacting page load performance.

third party code is not blocking page load

​ And amazingly, the desktop performance is now at 100! ​

Google Page Speed Insights After Removing Disqus on Desktop

I will investigate other static site comment systems in a later blog post, for example staticman, but for now, job done.