Doing ‘The Right Thing’

I have kids and I am bought into the idea of financial freedom.

Everyone in the UK has felt the ‘cost of living’ increase over the last 12 months and last August, I decided to do the right thing.

The cost of electricity was spiralling out of control last year, and though the UK Government stepped in, there was no guarantee what would happen.

I am completely opposed to linking the price of electricity to the price of wholesale gas, which I only found out from watching Octopus Energy’s CEO.

It just seems wrong, particularly as alternatives such as wind are about to take over in terms of % generation in the UK. See the usage over the last 10 years in the UK:

Gas generation declining over last 10 years in UK

The orange line is gas and the green line is wind power.

Source from National Grid Live

So, we now have a home solar PV with battery storage. We also needed to replace our family car and decided to go with a Kia Niro EV, which is a great family car, and has a much better-turning circle than a Tesla Model Y!

Octopus Energy and Electroverse

The ethos and forward thinking of Octopus Energy is just amazing.

I am using their Intelligent EV tariff, which recently reduced to 7.5p/ kWh between 23:30 and 05:30

Look at this email they sent me recently, just great!


Also, when using their Electroverse app, the bill is consolidated along with my home energy making it simple. Best of all, most EV chargers through Electroverse offer an 8% discount for an Intelligent Octopus user.

Octopus also have the best export tariff for solar. On average I’m getting 12.86p/ KWh on their Agile Outgoing tariff. Only Tesla Powerwalls offer more.

I thoroughly recommend Octopus Energy and its Electroverse app.

Get £50 credit when you sign up to Octopus Energy using my referral and £25 when you sign up to Octopus Electroverse using my referral and you complete one charge.

Disclosure that I will also receive the same amount with with Octopus or Electroverse.

Love and Power, Hywel.