Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials costs from £3.10 per ‘Exchange’ user per month

An ‘Exchange’ user is a single email account for a specified domain, with 50 Gb of storage and highly configurable mail server rules.

Some mail providers provide multiple email accounts for a given domain, so Office 365 can get quite expensive with multiple users, just for email.

Though it has to be said - the email service we have experienced for the last 4 months from Office 365 has been great for spam protection and reliability. You get what you pay for.

Office 365 by default does not support catch-all, that is email addresses not specifically defined in the mail server.

Additional alias addresses can be created to re-direct email to a specified user as a simple and safe substitute to catch-all.

Note that an additional alias address is distinct to a shared mailbox, which appears as a separate mail box from the user. Setting up shared mailboxes on Office 365 will be described in an upcoming post.

For this example, the ‘Exchange’ user will be [email protected]. Additional ‘catch-all’ email addresses for [email protected] and [email protected] will be configured.

  1. Login to Office 365 step1_office365_login

  2. Click the little box icons at the top left of the screen, then select the Admin icon step2_office365_select_admin

  3. Under ‘USERS’ on the left hand pane, select ‘Active Users’ step3_office365_active_users

  4. Select the user and click ‘EDIT’, on the right hand side step4_office365_edit_active_user

  5. Select ‘Email addresses’ step5_office365_user_email_addresses

  6. Click Add new under Other email addresses step6_office365_add_new_email_address

  7. Enter ‘howell’ in the space before the @ sign and click ‘Add’.

  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to add ‘contact’ as an alias

That’s it, this method provides functionality similar to catch-all, whilst maintaining the excellent service from Office 365 email.

If you really do want a catch-all in Office 365 Business Essentials, then there is a good post by