The Future of the Cloud

**Edit November 2021 **- It looks like is no longer trading.. less upthere, more nowhere.

I have just read about the true potential of the cloud. A new service has been launched where files are only stored in a Cloud platform from

The implication is fantastic, particularly for devices - no more running out of storage space when taking video - there is no local storage, everything is in the cloud, upthere.

upthere cloud storage platform

From their website:

We believe that the time has come for the world to live off of the cloud on a day-to-day basis, not merely treat it as a secondary backup or sync location. This means, however, that writing to and reading from the cloud needs to be robust and fast enough to replace local storage. Rather than juggling multiple copies of a file between devices, our direct write technology keeps everything in the cloud, freeing the device to do what it does best — creating and consuming content.

Their pricing is comparable to Apple iCloud at $4.99 for 200Gb and are currently offering a 3 month trial.

I will share my experience of using this groundbreaking service - to begin…

Signing Up and Adding Content from Mac

The usual create an account with email verification.

Upthere sign up

It is worth noting that all data is currently stored in US datacentres.

Welcome upthere

After downloading the Apple Mac App from their website, I clicked Connect to photo libraries - which added photos taken using Photobooth.

Adding files was simple, just drag the file onto the app.

Their Flow shows a history of what has changed

Upthere Flow

First impressions are that it is an easy to use and well thought out app.

In my next post, upthere cloud storage android app review, I will try using the app from my phone. This is the real test and most likely scenario of taking photos and video without using device storage.