Unlimited Cloud Storage on your Device - Not Quite Yet

**Edit November 2021 **- It looks like upthere.com is no longer trading.. less upthere, more nowhere.

In my previous post on Unlimited Device Storage Space, I installed the new service from Upthere.com onto my Mac. The service promises to write data directly to the cloud - in theory meaning your device has virtually unlimited storage available.

However, currently, the Upthere service is much like any other - needing to synchronise your device or PC to their cloud.

During beta, Upthere provided a camera app that would write photos directly to the Upthere storage, but it seems to have been discontinued as posted in so long for now from upthere camera:

The End of Upthere Camera App

I wrote to the Upthere support team and this was their response:

Upthere Support via helpscout.net 28 Jul (2 days ago) Hi Hywel, Upthere camera is a feature that is currently being worked on and will be available to users at some point in the future. In the meantime you will have to delete pictures that you have uploaded manually from the phone. Hope this helps! – Zareena Anwar [email protected]

I guess the promise of unlimited device storage is “at some point in the future”. It is just a matter of time.

Upthere Android App Installation

upthere android mobile install 1.jpg

upthere android mobile install 2.jpg

upthere android mobile install 3.jpg

upthere android mobile install 4.jpg

Upthere Android App First Impressions

A good feature is Flow, showing your most recent activity:

upthere flow mobile recent activity mobile android.jpg

There is a potential to import your Music library to stream from the cloud in high fidelity:

upthere stream music.jpg

I did allow the app to connect to my device’s Gallery, but when I realised it was importing over 1000 photos and videos, I tried to cancel by unselecting the Connect your gallery option

U there gallery sync turned off.jpg

This option seemed to have no effect.

This possible bug and the fact that I could not the Upthere service to save camera photos direct to the cloud meant that it was not for me.

I will certainly be keen to try their service again - when they have a camera app - Until then I will continue to look to other providers such as Google Photos or Apple iCloud.